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AWS pricing is entirely based on your job run usage. For each of your run, the system calculates the cost based on the time taken for the run, the number of instances and instance type. Each month, you can see your overall monthly usage, cost, and drill into detail view for the cost of each and every run for that month.


When you create your job, you can configure the number of instances, the instance type and the pricing information is below. The pricing excludes your AWS usage cost under your AWS account.


You are not charged for the number of jobs you have or value stored in your vault. You only pay for the resource you used during your job run.

Usage cost established based on Data Processing Unit (DPU). You are billed $0.65 per DPU-hour in increments of 1 second, rounded up to the nearest second, with 15-minute minimum duration for each job run.

Instance Flavor
Memory / Cores
8GB / 2 cores
1 DPU Per Hour
16GB / 4 cores
2 DPU Per Hour
32GB / 8 cores
4 DPU Per Hour
64GB / 16 cores
8 DPU Per Hour
  • am I charged for the jobs I have saved?
    No, your saved jobs are not charged. only charges you for the time your job is actually running.
  • am I charged for the vault entries?
    No, vault entries are free.
  • When I click the cancel button on my run, does the time tracking for billing stops immediately?"
    No, when you cancel your run, the termination process for the cluster starts immediately, but it normally takes a few minutes to completely terminate the cluster.
  • How does tracks the duration of my job run? calculates your run duration based on per-second usage. For example, a job run took 45 minutes, using 4 m4.xlarge nodes. The total cost for Yumi Cloud (exclude your AWS usage cost) is: (45 / 60) * 0.20 * 4 = 0.54
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