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Data On-boarding

Data Ingestion

New data is being generated with increasing volume, velocity, and variety, making data ingestion extremely challenging. A sheer number of data ingestion tools IT groups deal with is overwhelming. Adding a new source of ingestion makes entire system exponentially complex. makes data on-boarding simple by providing one-stop-shop for all data ingestion needs. You can rapidly build, visualize and automate data ingestion jobs right from a web browser. Furthermore, you can track performance, start, stop and replicate entire data ingestion pipelines. 


A wide range of data source connectors included in makes you agile where data formats, size, and velocity changes constantly. Below is a list of formats and mediums supported by just of text files alone: 


  • CSV

  • XML

  • JSON

  • Avro

  • Text



Supported by following transport mediums and sources:


  • FTP

  • SFTP

  • HDFS

  • NFS

  • Amazon S3

  • Azure Blob Storage

  • Azure Data Lake

  • Apache Kafka

  • Apache Flume



You can use sources as destinations for incoming data as well. Data being on-boarded also can be enriched on the fly with any other disparate data you have.


See which version of fits your needs best here.




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